Giving Onion a Chance

Giving Onion a Chance

Which vegetable opens up to you but makes you cry? It’s the onion, which may be one of those foods that you barely use. Anyway, it is best that you give it a chance, after all, it has various health benefits that you’ll appreciate.

Acts As Anti-Microbial

Onion contains various compounds that can aid you in fighting bacteria and other microbes. For compounds, it has sulfides and thiosulfinates which can reduce the risk of acquiring illnesses. E.coli and Bacillus subtilis are microbes that onions can help you fight against, and salmonella is a condition it can help prevent.


Cystine and methionine, which have detoxifying properties, are found in onions. These serve a purpose in the removal of heavy metals such as cadmium, lead, and mercury. Furthermore, onions contain high amounts of vitamin C, which aid in detoxification processes.

Improves Dental Health

You may find it strange that onions improve dental health. when eating them makes your breath smell awful. However, if you chew raw onion, the strength of your teeth improves and the chemicals in onion fight off mouth bacteria. Lastly, studies show that chewing onion for a minute or two can kill most microbes in the mouth.

Proteolyzes Meat

Onion can aid digestion indirectly by breaking down proteins through the enzymes from its juice. When you eat them with meat, your body can absorb it more efficiently since the breakdown already began before you put the food into your mouth. For people who often have digestive problems, this is quite helpful. Thus, onions make a great addition to your meat recipes and smoothies since it acts as a tenderizer. If you are looking for a blender for meat smoothies, check out as they help you select the ideal one for you.

Reduces Blood Clots

Regular consumption of onions can aid in the prevention of blood clot formation. Moreover, sulfur compounds that onion contains can improve red blood cell’s membrane functioning and decrease both cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Consequently, blood circulates more smoothly, and without clogs and clots in arteries, heart attack and disease risks also decrease.

Sinus Relief

Again, you may doubt that onion is capable of sinus relief, but it does work. If you have a clogged nose or a sinusitis problem, smelling onion can help loosen mucus, enabling your nasal passages to unclog which allows for comfortable breathing.


The onion is quite a beneficial vegetable, whether you eat it or not. It may be disgusting, but it makes up for that by providing healing and wellness to users.

3 Features Of A Good Wristwatch

One of the most important things that define a man is the accessories that he wears. Unlike women who can wear a dozen accessories at a go, men usually have a few, and a wristwatch happens to be among the most important. Some people thought that the introduction of smartphones and other gadgets that can check time would replace wristwatches, but they were wrong. A good wristwatch defines the class or lifestyle of a man. The following are the characteristics of a perfect wristwatch.

Fits the occasion

When the first watch was invented, people were just interested in knowing the time. As time went by, new needs arose, and thus different watches were invented as well. Some fancy and big watches are a good pick when you are attending an informal meeting or occasion. You can check over here for some of the best selections for various occasions. A business dinner calls for a decent look and thus one that fits the status should be your pick. If you love working out and exercising, then you will not be left out as well. There are some that can monitor your heart rate and also come with a timer which is very critical to know your progress.


Nobody wants to buy an accessory that will be rendered useless within a day or two. The ideal wristwatch should serve you for a long time until you feel that you need a replacement. Even though the durability majorly depends on how you use your accessory, it also depends on the material in question. Metallic makes are known to be the most durable while those made of plastic are on the lower end when it comes to durability. Some materials like stainless steel also fair well because they can resist rust. For those that use batteries, select those with a big lifespan and also check the technology behind their operations.

Has a comfortable and long-lasting strap

The type of strap is one of the things that most people ignore when they are selecting a wristwatch. The ideal strap should not be too tight nor too loose on your wrist. A loose strap can become distractive when you are carrying out your daily chores. Such a strap also makes the wristwatch appear bigger than its actual size. A tight strap, on the other hand, can affect the normal functioning of the blood vessels on your hand.