Choosing a coffee maker for home

The cup of the strong and fragrant coffee made in the jezve is capable of dispelling a dream and to present a cheerfulness charge for the whole day. But very frequently it does not allow carrying out the desire to stay in bed for more minutes. In that case, it is worth thinking how to choose the coffee maker for the house. This clever device is capable of making a tasty coffee and will present several precious morning minutes on a dream or gather for work.

Before the purchase of this device, you should decide what type of the coffee maker is necessary to you. Its choice is influenced by a lot of things: it is the sum which you agree to spend for purchase; the number of cups of coffee; the material of cups (that plays a strong relation to its taste); time of cooking of drink; usability and other factors. Having weighed everything pros and cons, it is possible to choose an excellent model which will please every morning you and your relatives with a tasty coffee.

Classification of coffee makers for the house: what to prefer

Drop (filtration)

This coffee maker is inexpensive, very simple on the structure and the principle of work. The water poured in a special capacity that heats up to the necessary temperature and comes to a compartment with ground coffee from which ready drink on a drop flows down in the coffee pot standing under it.

All process of preparation of coffee in the drop coffee maker takes several minutes (time depends on power and the number of cups on which the model is calculated). It is remarkable that if the power is lower, the longer prepares and more strong drink turns out. But if the model is supplied with the fortress regulator, then power would not be of great importance.

Moka pot.

It happens to be manual or electric. The last type is much more convenient and simpler in use. We will talk about it. This coffee maker is called so because it works by the principle of a pot. The water poured in the lower compartment heats up and climbs a special tubule to the office with ground coffee. Already ready drink gathers in a coffee pot.

Espresso coffee maker.

In such coffee maker, it is possible to cook espresso and loved by many – cappuccinos. The ground coffee is filled up and stamped in a special capacity in the form of a horn: through it in preparation time of drink under pressure there passes steam. Ready espresso is poured into a cup which is put directly under a horn.

The coffee grinding is very important for espresso coffee makers. It has to be not too large, but also not “in a dust”. The special coffee grinder or the packaged coffee powder will be able to help out in this question.