Cork Opener: A Great Tool For The Wine Enthusiast

For the wine enthusiasts opening the wine bottle is as much fascinating as choosing the best wine. You can find that most of the passionate wine drinkers have their own cork openers. If you are also a wine enthusiast and are planning to purchase the cork opener, you should first learn about the different types of cork openers. It will give a better insight of the best type of cork opener for you which greatly assist you in your buying decision for cork opener. You can try one of these cork openers to find the best one for you.

Butterfly cork opener

This is a double hinged cork opener that has the shape of the butterfly. To open the cork, the lower end of the cork opener is fixed in the cork and then it is either pulled up or rotated to take the cork out. It is convenient to use and comes in explicit range of variations. You can get this type of cork opener with steel handle or wooden handle. The users of this type of cork openers have claimed that on buying the cheap and low quality of butterfly cork opener, they have faced serious problem. There are many screws and connecting parts on this type of cork openers which can open up on consistent use due to wear and tear.

Twist and pull style of cork opener

This type of cork openers are the most traditional style of cork openers.  It requires lots of efforts as compared to the other types of cork openers but it is quite safe in its operation. As the name suggests, the cork opener has the pointed end which is needed to be fixed inside the cork and then the cork opener is twisted and pulled to take out the cork.

Air pump cork screw

This type of cork opener uses the small CO2 cartridge which is pumped inside the wine bottle through a cork to create a pressure inside the wine bottle. The pressure thus created helps in opening the cork of the wine bottle.

Table top wine openers

This type of wine bottle opener is needed to be kept on the table for use. It is bigger in shape and ideal to be used at the bars or in the restaurants.  It is easy to use but occupies more space. If you know your friend who is a great wine lover, then you can probably gift this type of cork opener to strengthen your friendship.