Finding the Right Fragrance for You

Every day, millions of women go to work, out on the town, or simply walk out the door to run errands and wear their favorite perfume when they leave the house. The funniest part about calling this their favorite is that at least fifty percent of women wear a fragrance that they did not actually choose for themselves.

As funny as this is to say, a very larger number, maybe as much as fifty percent, are wearing a specific perfume because someone gave them that perfume, they liked it, and just kept wearing it. Just think, your mother, sister, friend, or boyfriend could very well have chosen the perfume that you have been wearing all of these years.

While that may work perfectly well for you, the truth is that there could be a perfume that is so much better for you. While you may like the scent of what you are wearing, there may be a fragrance that works with your body chemistry so much better. This can have a profound effect on you, making you feel better about yourself as well as attracting many more men to you. Knowing this should make it so that you at least want to see what is out there.

Choosing the Right One or Two for You

If you are a total noob, we want you to keep some things in mind. Just because something is popular doesn’t mean you should go with it. Just because you like a particular perfume doesn’t mean that is the only one for you. However, if you do like a particular scent then it is likely that ones that are similar will be good for you as well. Start with the one you like as a base and find others that are similar. You may find that a small tweak is an ideal one.

Considering the occasion is important as well. Not every perfume is made for every occasion. You may not want men all over you at work and so get something that is a little more subdued for work. However, at night you may want guys drooling over you so a little more risqué will work.

The time of the year is important as well. Some scents work so much better in the winter when the air is more humid and the temperature is much cooler. Some fragrances also may attract more bugs which means you may not want to wear them in the summer when bees and gnats can be a total nuisance.