Instagram Hacks to Earn More Followers

So, you want everyone to follow you on Instagram?  Well, you must know your way around. Get to learn about what works where and when to use it. Most importantly, learn a few tricks that will make you outshine your close competition. These tricks will help you get started.

Get More Hashtags

Instagram hashtags are somewhat controversial these days. In fact, if you’ve been around long enough, you know about the Instagram shadowban. Basically, this is some filtering that hides your posts from those who don’t follow. Now, for you gain more followers, people need to see your hashtags, right?

While shadowban has since corrected itself, it triggered an emergence of creative hacks to get more hashtags. For instance, you’ll get more followers if you treat your hashtags as categories. In other words, you should use your hashtags to describe your business, location, target market or the purpose of your account as opposed to using general hashtags such as #love and so forth.

Get Featured

Promoting your brand through the Instagram app isn’t one of the best ways to get followers. Not in 2018. So, stop wasting time trying to study the algorithm or optimizing your posts. Instead, use other channels to promote your posts. Think of it as a way of doing PR. Try to get featured in your local press or a podcast interview. You can even guest post on someone else’s blog as long as it is popular.

Create pitches with great ideas that your target market is likely to read. Of course, you’ll have to add a link to your Instagram account in your bio or a plug in your podcast. Don’t forget to mention your Instagram a couple of times throughout the article. One or two screenshots will be a plus.

Run an ad Campaign

Don’t be swayed to think that running an ad campaign on Instagram is difficult. Sure, it can be intimidating if you haven’t done it before. However, it is super easy. All you need to do is to hit the “promote” button once you’ve posted your content and you’re good to go. And the beauty of it is that Instagram already gathers a “similar audience” that you can share your content to. Besides, you can create your audience by selecting gender, age, and interest of those you want to target with your post.

In conclusion, these are not the only Instagram tricks you need to learn. Visit to discover more hacks and how you can use them for your brand’s benefit.