Key Points To Note When Using Instagram Web Version

When the developers of Instagram rolled out this social platform, their main intention was to create a photo-sharing app that could be used on mobile phones. This has changed over time and now it is among the most powerful social media marketing tools we have today. As a result, people can now access Instagram through their PCs a thing that was unheard-of in the past. The visual nature of Instagram has made it a darling among business owners as they can demonstrate how to use products or even show the service delivery process. However, the mobile interface is not similar to that of the personal computers. The following are some of the things you should note when using Instagram on PC

Graphics might be distorted

The fine details from either a video or a photo shared with you from a mobile device might not be clear when you are using the PC version. The reason behind this is because dimensions and screen compatibility are not the same for different devices. This might force you to use a mobile device to get the message clearly as it was intended. The layout of the posts might also be different depending on the type of device used to post the content.

Some functions might be unavailable unless you use third-party apps

It will be hard for you to double-tap on a photo for a like unless your PC has touchscreen capability. The process of posting images and videos is also tedious when you are doing it from the PC. Some browsers might require you to have some basic coding skills which defeat the purpose of having Instagram on the PC in the first place. Luckily, there are some apps that can help you post and carry out other functions without much trouble. To learn more about such apps and automation tools, you can check out the review of Plan My Post at Spire.

You still have to focus on quality

The PC just gives you a wider view of the content and you still have to keep generating content that educates your followers. Your computer might not have a quality camera which means you have to use your phone or a hire a professional to take clear shots. You may also need to invest in a microphone while you are recording videos directly from your computer. Check out how the posts will appear on the mobile interface to determine whether you need some edits.